the superior plan

To ensure you receive the highest standard of care and most effective treatments, Superior Vein Care has established a 4-step plan where Dr. Tullis (not a physician extender) will personally evaluate, diagnose, treat, and follow-up on your vein conditions. We want patients to be educated about their health and will do our best to make sure you have a clear understanding of the process.

STEP 1: Initial Consultation with Dr. Tullis

The initial consultation at Superior Vein Care will entail a visit with Dr. Tullis. Prior to your visit, in an effort to be efficient and because we value your time, Dr. Tullis and our staff will determine if you require a diagnositic ultrasound study. This gold standard examination is the first step in any varicose vein treatment program where our expert certified technologist passes a probe over your leg which painlessly generates a picture of your veins using ultrasound waves. These images will show abnormal veins with ‘reflux’, or backward blood flow. This study is covered by most insurance companies and Medicare. During this visit, we also obtain a health history, discuss your vein symptoms, perform a thorough vascular physical examination, and obtain photos for medical and insurance purposes.

STEP 2: Education and the Treatment Plan

As part of the initial consultation with Dr. Tullis, all findings will be summarized and explained, and treatment options will be discussed with you. If you have varicose veins and they meet your insurance company’s criteria for treatment, a period of “conservative therapy” may be needed (unless you have already been wearing compression hose). Although varicose vein treatment may be appropriate, many insurance carriers require you to meet strict guidelines for coverage under their plan. We will help guide you through this process. If your ultrasound is normal, you may be a candidate for cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment, and this will be discussed with you.

STEP 3: Comprehensive Vein Treatment

Not only does Dr. Tullis have the highest credentials and advanced training for the management of varicose vein disease, he is committed to comprehensive, efficient treatment. It is his goal to minimize any inconvenience to you in terms of your time and discomfort. To this end he believes that you should undergo as few procedures as possible to achieve an excellent result. Practically, this means he will treat your leg utilizing as many different techniques as are appropriate, in a single comprehensive procedure. Unfortunately, it is very common in other practices to ‘unbundle’ procedures, not because it is medically necessary, but to maximize billing, despite increasing patient risks, recovery and downtime. Superior Vein Care offers advanced, non-surgical techniques for your vein treatments, all of which are office based ambulatory procedures. You can be assured that these innovative treatments are minimally invasive and more effective than the major surgical procedures used in the past. Patients are typically “in-and-out” in about an hour, and can resume most normal activities within a few days.

STEP 4: Post-Treatment Follow-Up

Depending on your procedure, post-treatment follow-up may again require a brief ultrasound examination to evaluate the treated veins. Dr. Tullis will again personally see and evaluate you at your formal post-treatment appointment to review your results and give further care and activity instructions. Superior Vein Care will work with you to help you maintain healthy legs.

Stop letting your veins get in the way of enjoying your life! If you have further questions on our vein services, please feel free to contact us for a consultation or call our office and be on your way to healthier, more attractive legs.