The best time to have your veins done was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.
— a twist on an Old Chinese Proverb

happy patients

I had a Vein Procedure done a little over a year ago. Dr. Tullis and his staff were amazing. They all were very informative, answered all my questions, the procedure and after care was wonderful. From the front office to the doctor, they were are very helpful and easy to work with.

— Tonya W. (Boise)

I wish I would have met Dr. Tullis 20 yrs ago. Was back to work the next day. Dr. Tullis was excellent!!

— Joyce M. (Meridian)

Great experience with Dr. Tullis and staff! My vein surgery was easy and recovery went well. I wish I had this done years ago and would recommend Dr. Tullis to anyone who needs vein care.

— jean L. (ontario)

Thank you Dr. Tullis and staff. You are all amazing. I had put this procedure off for 30 years due to fear. They did such a wonderful job I wish I would have done it sooner. Thank you again AKA Pretty Legs.

— Belinda G. (Boise)


I was afflicted with a fairly severe case of varicose veins that covered most of my inner right leg. To say it was uncomfortable, and embarrassing would be an understatement. I was routinely stopped by airport security and frisked (albeit gently) because it showed up on their scanner. Shorts were a thing of the past and light touches in that area were painful. Dr. Tullis and his caring staff made me feel comfortable from the first visit, through my procedure, and the follow-up, answering all my questions (and my wife’s), with compassion and experience. I will be sporting shorts pain-free this summer in appreciation of my experience with Dr. Tullis and his team.

— Michael C. (Melba)