Introducing Superior Vein Care

Visit out new location at  3875 E. Overland Road. Meridian, ID 8364

Visit out new location at 3875 E. Overland Road. Meridian, ID 8364

Dear Patient,

I am writing to you to let you know that I have separated from St. Luke’s and have now gone back into independent practice under a new name: Superior Vein Care. Our new Meridian location is: 3875 E. Overland Road, in the Talus Medical Plaza. I am fortunate to be joined by my entire previous office staff in this new exciting endeavor. I chose the name Superior Vein Care specifically for several very important reasons which I feel set our practice apart from any other varicose vein treatment alternatives in the Treasure Valley. First, as a board certified vascular surgeon, there is no higher credential and training as it pertains to the evaluation and management of patients with varicose veins. In that respect, I am the only individual with that credential who focuses exclusively on patients with varicose veins. Also, as you have experienced, as a single provider practice, I am personally involved in every aspect of each individuals care. From the initial consultation, to formulating a treatment plan, performing every procedure and seeing every patient back in follow-up. That is certainly not the experience in other clinics that have multiple part-time providers and physician extenders. In that setting, it is not uncommon to see a different individual with each phase of evaluation and treatment. Finally, and very importantly, I am committed to the most efficient treatment plan that is appropriate. Unlike most other practices, I comprehensively treat each leg in one setting, no matter how many different procedures are needed. This is in contrast to the very common practice of “unbundling”, where patients are scheduled for 2 to 3 (or more) procedures for each leg. This done to maximize billing and unfortunately it exposes patients to more medical risks as well at significant lifestyle disruptions and multiple recovery periods.

I don’t mean to go “into the weeds” about all of this, but I truly believe it very much matters and patients should be made aware. In any event, I am very excited about this new opportunity to continue caring for patients whom I have found to be the happiest and most satisfied individuals I have seen in over 20 years of managing a wide variety of vascular surgical issues. So if you have any friends or relatives with varicose veins (or you feel you may need additional evaluation), it would be my honor and privilege to see them with along with my outstanding team at Superior Vein Care.


Michael J. Tullis, MD, FACS, RPVI

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